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Town Hall Reminder

posted Apr 22, 2013, 10:28 AM by
Hi fellow-homeschool parents,

Is this on your calendar yet? Come if you'd like to be part of the conversation & have a voice in decision-making if you want to. We hope lots of parents will show up so we can make good decisions together. Interested kids can come too, but not vote.

Thursday, April 25 
we will have our
second ever
Town Hall Meeting
at 7 pm
at the Quail Hollow site, rooms 15 & 16 

You're Invited!!!

There will be childcare, popcorn and a movie in an adjoining room, in case you need to bring kids. But space is limited, and we want to line up enough helpers, so rsvp with number & ages of kids you plan to bring, please. RSVP for yourself too.

And How About a Dessert potluck? (A bit of chocolate to sweeten our ways?)

What is a Town Hall Meeting?
Over the past few years, in response to severe funding cuts in the schools, families have begun to fundraise for our charter. Some of this money has gone to individual programs*, and some is in the Charter Family Booster Club General Fund. 

Since this money has been raised by us families, it is fair for us families to help decide how we'd like to see it spent; being informed, of course, by our teachers' ideas, desires, and practical considerations. The Town Hall meeting is the place for us to come together to make these decisions, working together to understand each others' needs and the best interests of the whole charter homeschool community.

* What are "programs"? 
Our charter school contains 5 local homeschool programs, with their own teachers, classes, focus, and resources. They are Boulder Creek Elementary Homeschool, Fall Creek Homeschool, Coast Redwood Middle School, Coast Redwood High School, and SLV Homeschool (which has also been referred to as "Charter 25" and as "Title One"). There is some sharing of both teachers, students, and sometimes classes between the programs.

What will we decide about?
Over the past few weeks, people have submitted proposals for things like classes, field trips, supplies, etc. for next Fall. Proposals can be something for one particular program, or for all to share in. 

How will we decide?
The concept behind this is that attendees are expected to not only represent their own family's needs, but to think in terms of what best serves the needs of the whole student body.

To do this, we'll need to listen carefully to short presentations about each program, and about each proposal, ask questions, and discuss our impressions. We'll need to think about priorities. 

Each person attending will be given a certain number of post-it sticky notes to vote with. They will post them on the proposals which they feel are the top priority. 

We will then look at the overall picture of opinions, and work together to determine a ranked list of the things we hope to fund for next Fall.

Of course everything may change by next Fall. We will expect to be flexible working with teachers and scheduling to try to pull off as much as possible, but there are lots of variables.

Who gets to vote?
Anyone who shows up. Because this is so interactive and discussion-based, and will require an evolving understanding, we can only let those who hear the conversation vote. If you can't attend, you can send a spokesperson to explain a point of view, or write something brief to be read but they cannot cast a vote for you. 

Please bear with us!!!
This feels exciting and a little overwhelming! Please be kind and patient with our early steps! :)
And we are learning together. If you have comments or suggestions about this process, let us know. We are trying hard to be fair and transparent and inclusive and effective.

We need everyone to bring a great attitude of generous mutual support, and vision-building for the future. We believe it'll pay off in enriched offerings, deeper understanding of each other and each program, and a strengthening of our community.

Questions, comments?

• Come to our Town Hall meeting April 25 at 7pm

• RSVP so we have an idea about who to expect. Tell us how many adults and how many kids you think you'll bring. A rough idea is fine, and of course you are welcome to come even if you haven't rsvp'd.

Thanks for making our wonderful community together!
--Brenda, for the Charter Family Booster Club